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Holiday Home Decor - Zero Waste Edition

by GlobalBees Brands Pvt Ltd 24 Dec 2022

The holiday season is approaching, and you know what that means for many of us: time to get festive! So, if you're looking for a way to celebrate this time of year truly, consider adding some home decor pieces to your tree. Christmas is one of the most important holidays in our culture. It's a time for families to come together and share our love for one another with friends and neighbours. 

The holiday season also allows us to reflect on what we have received during the year or even just how well we've managed our finances. It's so important that people often spend more money on gifts than they do on food or clothing (and we can't forget presents). Of course, with all these things happening at once, it can take time to stay organized throughout the holidays. That's why Christmas decorations are so important! They give us something fun and festive to look at every day — they also help remind us of where we've come from and where we want to go next year. 

Why is zero-waste decor important this festive season? 

The average person generates approximately 5 kg of daily waste. This can be reduced by reducing waste production and reusing items you have already discarded. Zero Waste holidays will help you reduce your carbon footprint, reduce landfill, create jobs, improve public health and more. The problem with all this excess packaging is that it ends up in landfills or incinerators — or worse still, gets tossed into the sea without being recycled or composted. This kind of waste isn't just bad for the environment; it's also bad for our health and quality of life — especially if you're from one of these countries where plastic pollution has become a major concern. 

How can I decorate my room for the holidays? 

There are many ways you can decorate your room for the holidays. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

Hang holiday lights:  

String some holiday lights around the perimeter of your room or drape them over your bed or desk. You can also create a cosy ambience by placing them in a jar or vase. 

Add holiday-themed throw pillows and blankets:  

Swap out your regular throw pillows and blankets for ones with holiday designs or colours. 

Set out holiday decorations:  

Place holiday-themed figurines, ornaments, or other decorative items on your bookshelf, desk, or other surfaces. 

Display a holiday wreath:  

Hang a holiday wreath on your door or wall to add a festive touch to your room. 

Put up a holiday-themed banner or garland:  

Hang a banner or garland with holiday messages or designs above your bed or along a wall. 

Use scented candles or oils:  

Scented candles or oils with holiday scents, such as pine or cinnamon, can add to the festive atmosphere of your room. You can also room toxin-free freshener cards like TheBetterHome's Air freshener cards. These aromatic eco-friendly fragrance cards can freshen up your room for 30 days. These cards are available in three flavours: Aura, Bliss, and Vibe.  

What are the home decor trends for Christmas 2022? 

Christmas is when people from all over the world come together to celebrate with their loved ones. Our homes' decorations, food and drinks reflect this spirit of community and togetherness. The holiday season is also the perfect opportunity to spread some festive cheer and help others through donations to local charities. If you are still worrying about “How can I make my house look Christmassy?” here are some recent trends and ideas for you: 

Bright colour tones: 

The modern Christmas decor trend uses blue and gold tones to make your home glow. In the past, gold was a popular colour for Christmas decorations, but now blue has become one of the most popular choices for decorating. So if you want to bring some colour into your home this year, consider using blue or gold accents in addition to other traditional Christmas colours like red and green. 

Lavender shade decorations: 

If you’re looking for a new way to decorate for the holidays, consider adding lavender shade to your tree ornaments. It’s not just for Christmas anymore! You can find many options in eco-friendly and sustainable gifts to kits with everything you need to create an entire collection. The sky is the limit when creating new items using this hue. 

Flocked Christmas trees: 

Flocked trees are making a huge comeback this year! These trees are typically made with polyester flocking material applied over foam insulation boards and then covered in fabric mesh netting. They look like artificial trees but have many of the same benefits as real ones. 

Paper decorations: 

The paper decoration is one of the hottest trends for Christmas. The paper decorations are made from traditional art forms combined with modern techniques to create something unique, eye-catching and interesting. What can you make using this technique? You can create your own unique paper garland ornaments. You can also use this technique to make something like a tree. This will be perfect for those with small children at home because they can play with it easily. 

Nostalgia theme party: 

Front view friends celebrating at new year's eve party

The nostalgia theme party will be one of the most popular Christmas parties in 2022. This party is so popular because it allows people to celebrate Christmas in their childhood and adulthood years when they were kids. Many people love this theme because it gives them a chance to relive some of their childhood memories and feel nostalgic about everything that happened during those days when they were kids. 

Last but not the least 

Season 9 Christmas GIF by Friends


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