Our Story


It doesn’t take a genius to know that we humans have made a mess of this world. Consequences of our actions have been devastating. Our modern lifestyle has created health hazards, not just for us, but also for the millions of other life forms on earth. And at some point, every one of us has faced this question – What can I do to make the world a better place?

We believe doing lesser harm is just not enough anymore. Our survival depends on doing good. It is time to change what we have been consuming. Time, we question what goes inside, not just in what we eat or apply on our body, but into everything we use inside our homes, and outside. Time, we examine the impact of these products on our own health, and on the health of life around us.

We went back to the question – What can we do to make the world a better place?

The Better Home is our answer. Because you shouldn’t have to choose between what’s effective, what’s right for you, and what’s good for the planet.

Home care products with ingredients that are plant-based, naturally derived, eco-friendly and biodegradable. Safe, powerful formulations that deliver on their promise, and then some more.

Not just sustainable products, we are creating a sustainable ecosystem. We never test on animals. Our subscription programme drives reuse of plastic bottles. Our take-back initiative helps responsible recycling. We are on track to switch to packaging made from recycled materials. We are also introducing alternative distribution channels that eliminate the need for packaging altogether.

Real change comes from our everyday habits. Choosing The Better Home tells the world a lot about you, and your responsible choices. It makes you a part of the movement. It makes you a change-maker.
See what we did there? We made “About Us” about you.

About The Better Home:

Unfortunately, urbanization has completely messed up sustainable living. Nowadays people are facing a lot of health hazards due to using chemical toxins even in household chores. The Better Home is here to sort out this issue and provide a natural and organic solution. We have a versatile range of safe home care products cleaners like floor cleaners, toilet cleaners, with natural flavours and fragrances, and contain zero chemical preservatives. You can even reuse the wastewater to take care of your plants.

Safer Homes:

The mission of The Better Home was, is, and will always be to build a safe environment even in your house. The Better Home not only provides home cleaning products but also makes our homes safe with PLA garbage bags, air fresheners, mosquito repellents, and coconut coir scrubs. We believe that it's enough questioning and thinking, and now it's time to take action. All our products are free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. So now there is absolutely no dilemma for you between what's effective and what's beneficial for nature.

Safer For babies:

The Better Home is also safe for babies. Generally, it's hard to keep an eye on a baby and especially when he/she starts to crawl. Then we tend to babyproof our place, but have we thought about baby hygiene and cleaning? The babies sit on the floors, eat on the same utensil and even their clothes are getting washed in a chemical solution, which leaves toxic residues. Well, The Better Home has its answer. Our vast range of products is free from harmful chemicals, and it has everything from dishwashing liquid to mosquito repellent.

Safer for pets:

According to the last few years statistics, more than 20 million pets are a part of Indian households. But, what is interesting is to know how many of us pet lovers & pet parents are actually aware of pet care? Pets are very sensitive to germs and bacteria. They are licking the floors or eating in a bowl that has chemical toxic residues on an everyday basis. These once taken in, directly go to their stomach and affect their health adversely. Which is why TheBetterHome is here with a vast range of home cleaning products that includes everything from liquid detergents to dustbin covers.

Safe for the environment:

Environmental sustainability has been a question mark for the last few years. The development and modernization have completely messed up our natural ecosystem. We are not even safe in our homes. Yes, you read it right! The major reason is our unchanged habit of using a lot of chemical products for household chores. So, TheBetterHome brings you a range of safe cleaners which are [plant-derived and biodegradable. Right from PLA dustbin bags, coconut coir scrubs, cleaning liquids for your laundry, dishes, floor and Toilers to mosquito repellent. There is no reason to choose between the safety of your family and the planet as with The Better Home’s range of products, it is one and the same!

Safe laundry care:

Clothes are one of our basic necessities and so is it to take care of them. Little do we realise that the regular chemical detergents tend to make the texture rough. TheBetterHome's safe and natural liquid detergents are made of plant-based surfactants, a protein blend of enzymes, and a natural Citrus fragrance. The spotless cleaning technology breaks the stain particles and makes the texture smoother. This washing machine friendly liquid is free from harmful chemicals like Ammonia, bleach, and phosphates making it gentle on your skin and biodegradable!

Multipurpose cleaning:

It is a tough job for every homemaker to maintain a house. You need to take a lot of precautions so that the home feels like a sweet home to your loved ones. And for that sometimes you need to use several kinds of surface cleaners for the toilet, kitchen, sink, etc. But no more! TheBetterHome brings out our natural and organic multi-purpose cleaner that removes any tough stain from any kind of surface. It is chemical-free and also consists of deep clean technology. As it has no chemical substances, it is baby and pet safe.

Safe Dishwasher:

Dishwash liquids are one of the important parts of our safety. Why? Because we use the dishes while eating, and if by any chance there are toxic residues left on the dish, even after washing, it's going to go straight to your stomach and affect your health. It is especially harmful for babies, pets and the senior members of the house. TheBetterHome's liquid dish soap is made with plant-based elements, a blend of enzymes, and natural fragrances. The liquid leaves no toxic residues on your dishes! It is also gentle on the skin making your hands safe while doing the dishes.