The Better Home Products


At The Better Home, we only use ingredients that are completely safe for humans, especially children and senior citizens. They are free from all toxic chemicals that can be hazardous for health in the short and long term. What’s more, they also ensure the well-being of our planet, because they are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Scroll down to see the stuff our products are made of:

The Better Home Laundry Liquid: Made from plant-based surfactants and a proprietary blend of lab-processed enzymes.

The Better Home Dishwash Liquid: Made from plant-based surfactants and a proprietary blend of lab-processed enzymes.

The Better Home Floor Cleaner: Contains non-pathogenic active microbes and naturally derived surfactants.

The Better Home Toilet Cleaner: Contains non-pathogenic active microbes, fatty acid amines, naturally derived surfactants, and citric acid.

The Better Home Multipurpose cleaner: It contains naturally derived surfactants and citrus peel oil. An amazing cleaner for all kinds of surfaces!

Our entire cleaner range is free from toxic chemicals, eco-friendly and biodegradable. It has no bleach, no phosphate, no caustic, and no artificial optical brighteners. Giving a powerful cleaning, a safe experience for you and your loved ones, and absolutely no harm to the environment. Now that’s the cleanest clean ever, don’t you agree?

The Better Home Mosquito Repellent Body Spray: Made using a blend of natural active ingredients like Lemongrass Oil, Citronella Oil, Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus oil for their powerful mosquito repellent properties. It has no DEET, no Sulphate, no SLS/SLES, no Paraben, no Silicone Oil, no Petroleum-based ingredient, and no artificial fragrance.

The Better Home Air Freshener Cards: Made with natural essential oils on a paper base.

The Better Home Garbage Bags: Made with Poly Lactic Acid (PLA), derived from Corn starch, a plant-based and renewable resource. PLA plastics are compostable where commercial compost facilities are available and do not produce toxic fumes if incinerated. The Better Home Garbage Bags are certified by CPCB as per IS / ISO 17088 Standards.

The Better Home Dishwashing Scrubs: Made from natural coconut fibre, making them free from plastic and completely biodegradable.

Are these products as effective as the regular cleaners in the market?

In fact, even more! It is a common misconception that harsh chemicals clean better. Our R&D team does world-class research on biosciences to create super-safe products that harness maximum cleaning powers from natural or naturally derived ingredients.

The Better Home range works better while keeping toxic chemicals and fumes at bay. After all, why should you have to compromise on clean for safe and green!

Why don't we have strong lingering fragrance in our cleaning products?

Our formulations are designed to be safe for those with fragrance allergies and sensitivity to chemicals. The Better Home Cleaners are free of all synthetic fragrances which release volatile compounds to pollute indoor air and harm the respiratory system. For some cleaning products, we do use milder, natural, and safe fragrances. Our products offer complete deodorisation and neutralise the source of bad odour.

Pro-tip: Strong fragrance in products just masks (covers) the bad odour, it doesn’t eliminate the source.

Do The Better Home cleaners kill bacteria and viruses?
Products that claim to have an 'anti-bacterial formula' disinfect by killing bacteria, and usually contain pesticides that do not qualify as safe, non-toxic, or biodegradable. The Better Home cleaning products are free of all toxic substances and pesticides. This makes them child-safe, skin-friendly, and eco-friendly. Our floor and toilet cleaner formulations degrade harmful microorganisms by breaking up their cell walls and washing them away.
What's the difference between cleaners and disinfectants?

Cleaning refers to the removal of debris, oils, and organic matter. Disinfecting is a process that kills all biological matter, whether it is beneficial or harmful. Overuse of disinfectants is linked to antibiotic resistance. Heard of superbugs?

The Better Home cleaners are free of toxic chemicals, pesticides, and other non-biodegradable substances. They deliver safe but powerful and effective cleaning.

Are your products vegan?
Yes, The Better Home products are Vegan. We do not use any animal-derived ingredient in our products.
Are your products cruelty-free?
Absolutely! Our products have NEVER been tested on animals. The Better Home is proudly cruelty-free.
What certification/s do you have?
The manufacturers of our Toilet Cleaner and Floor Cleaner have a GreenPro certification. GreenPro follows a life cycle approach for certifying a product. It considers everything from raw material extraction to the end of the product’s useful life. We are in the process of obtaining a green certification for our other cleaners. Watch this space.
How are the bottles eco-friendly if they are made of plastic?

Our bottles are made of durable, high-density plastic. They are designed and meant for reuse for a long time. You see, we conducted a lot of research looking for sustainable packaging options. We discovered that alternatives like metal and glass have a higher carbon footprint if you consider mining, production, and transportation processes. Reason why we encourage you to reuse the bottles as much as possible. If you are on a subscription plan, we ship out refill pouches from the second order onwards. You can refill existing bottles and reduce your plastic footprint on the planet. We don’t stop there. We also take back our plastic pouches for recycling. Just collect a bunch and ship them to us. The cost of sending it to us is nothing compared to the cost of saving the environment, right?

If you decide to dispose of the bottles, please send them across to your nearest scrap dealer. The high-quality plastic in the bottles means they are highly valuable to recyclers and will be recycled.

Insider scoop: Our teams are testing product stability and transport-worthiness of bottles with a significant amount of PCR, or recycled plastic. We can’t wait to start shipping them soon!