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WARRIORS FOR EARTH: The Little Things You Can Do Everyday

by Pranay Nirgude 26 Nov 2021

In the era of the 21st century, the world is changing each and every second. Urbanization, modernization, building fashionable tech parks have made our lives much more advanced and faster. But in this daily hustle, have you ever taken a moment to think about our Mother Nature? According to the 2016 report by World Health Organization, 11 out of 12 cities in India have the highest level of air pollution.

water pollution

In addition, more than a million premature deaths happen in India due to climate changes. 86% of Indian water bodies are critically polluted. Due to industrial chemical secretion from the factories most water bodies, and especially in Karnataka, Kerala, and Telangana region, the water bodies are becoming harmful for the human body.  

But as they say, it's never too late. If we still want to create a sustainable environment for a healthy and worry-free future, we can still do it by making minor changes in our daily routine.


The three basic principles to follow are:  

1. Re-learn: Plastic is the greatest enemy of the planet. As a country, India has taken a few initiatives to make the country plastic-free. For example: using paper cups, plates, brown paper shopping bags, cloth bags etc. It is impossible to recycle plastic waste that is smaller than 2inches. In 2011, India generated almost 7million metric tons of plastic in a year, and if the usage is not controlled, it might reach 50million by 2041. So, try to cut the everyday use of plastic.  

2. Re-cycle: More than 50% of the garbage in India are dumped into landfills. To reduce the garbage waste, we can reuse a lot of regular stuff that we give to the raddiwala. For example, the online cartons and boxes can awaken your inner artist.

reuse, reduce, recycle image

Also, instead of using disposable plates and cutleries in commercial places, we can use glass or steel plates to reduce waste. Try to use natural and organic dishwash liquid so that you can use the wastewater to nurture plants. 

3. Re-do: Last, but not least, keep this habit going on forever. Good things take some time to happen. Planting a tree once a year or running a campaign for a week in 365 days wouldn't make any significant difference. Every day, you have to bring beneficial changes to the earth and try to educate your surroundings.  

What changes can we make every day to build a sustainable environment?  

1. Go vegetarian for a day: Animal farming is one of the leading causes of pollution. In addition, nearly 1500 to 2000 gallons of water is needed to make only one pound of beef. So, eating a vegetarian diet for at least one day a week will bring a huge difference. 

2. Switch to organic cleaning: Charity starts at home. Try to use natural and plant-based house cleaners that have no negative impact on nature, indoor air, your kids, and pets. The chemical house cleaning products are made of harmful industrial solvents that pollute the environment and directly affect your health.  

3. Reduce using plastic containers and bottles: Try to use copper and steel bottles instead of packaged drinking water. Also, try to cut down on plastic usage in your kitchen. For example, avoid using plastic containers or coffee mugs, and also for cooking and eating, try to reduce using plastic bowls or cutleries. 


4. Carry your own grocery bag: While doing your monthly or essential weekly shopping, don't rely on the store's free plastic bag. Instead, carry your own bag that is made of paper or cloth. Few cities in India have taken the initiative to create an eco-friendly plastic-free environment.  

5. Reduce electrical wastage: Overcharging any electric appliances can cause damage to the machine and also to the environment. Try to turn off all the switches while leaving the house. Also, make sure you unplug the laptop or phone charger after your work is done.  

6. Conserve and reuse water at home: There are a lot of places in India like Maharastra, Rajasthan, and Karnataka, where water scarcity has been a major issue. That’s why, we all need to be careful of water usage. We still can't forget 2018, where Chennai was devastated due to the insufficiency of water. Some convenient ways to save water would be: 

  • Rainwater harvesting 
  • Don't let the water needlessly flow, especially in public water taps 
  • Reuse water  
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving 
  • Try to customize water levels in washing machines. 
  • Use a low-flow shower 

If you want to reuse the regular cleaning water, you can switch to organic cleaners. Just like TheBetterHome's plant-based home cleaning products that contain no harmful industrial chemicals. So, you can easily use the wastewater to take care of your plants.  

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