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Three Green Tales & A Tip For Your Trash

by Anant Khare 27 Jan 2022

When honey meets money.
Plus, is Khaleesi’s castle eco-friendly?

Find out this edition of The Better World!


FOR THE LOVE OF HONEY. [online] Available at: [Accessed 27 January 2022].


The indigenous Kurumba community in Tamil Nadu is known for their sustainable ways of harvesting honey from their forest.

Recently this community won $10K as the United Nations Equator Prize for their innovative, nature-based solutions to tackle biodiversity loss & climate change.

Indi-GENIUS, indeed. Read the full story here.


A location that Game of Thrones’ Khaleesi would have loved - Slovenia's Postojna Cave houses a whole castle & has over 620K visitors annually. A company that manages the place has sparked conversations on balancing mass tourism with geo-heritage protection through their passionate engagement with this project - eco-tourism at its finest!

These caves are also home to a rare blind salamander species that locals nicknamed 'baby dragons'! More, here.


Add some green to your social feed with Vani Murthy's delightful ways of living a low-waste lifestyle. With her stories of nurturing butterfly larvae to adults to cooking Indian food from her garden harvest - there's something for everyone! Find her at @wormrani on Instagram.

You Can Help Make A Better World!
Did you know your trash could be contagious?

Biomedical waste is clogging waste management systems thanks to the pandemic. However, government-employed sanitation workers face the brunt of improperly disposed COVID-testing kits, PPE waste, etc. During waste segregation, don't categorise them under dry waste. NGO Hasiru Dala recommends that it be treated as 'reject waste' and wrapped separately in paper bags marked with a red X. This move aims to cut down the chances of sanitation workers inadvertently picking up infected waste at the time of segregation.


Here’s what we did to cut down on non-recyclable packaging that was ending up in landfills. Read here.


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