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The Better Choice, Everyday

by Anant Khare 10 Dec 2021

We chose convenience and ease over a better future. We may not be able to go back in time to reverse all the damage but making better choices in the present can surely help. You don't have to purge your home of all the plastics or completely uproot your current lifestyle, some small changes are all we need!

Here are some choices you can make for a better future:


Skincare isn't just about looking good or attaining glass-like perfection. It isn't just about fading scars and marks and hyperpigmentation. Skincare is about protection.

You don't really need a 10-step routine to give your skin the love it deserves. All you need is SPF! The harmful rays of the sun is the leading cause of skin cancer. Using sunscreen every day ensures that your skin stays protected from the wrath of the sun.


Fast fashion has truly changed the way we buy and consume fashion. With ever-changing trends, the fear of missing out has taken precedence over the need to keep clothes in the wear cycle for longer. Instead of giving in to the trends, try to invest in quality pieces that you can wear for longer.

Thrifting is a great option if you want some retail therapy without harming the planet.


Stepping towards a sustainable future doesn't mean you can't have fun (responsibly, of course). Hobbies and creative outlets keep us sane and with a few easy swaps, you can let your creative juices flow without any guilt of harming the planet.

For instance, if you are an avid reader, buy your books from a secondhand bookshop. If art is your jam, use discarded envelopes and papers as your canvas.


The chemical cleaning products used at home are packed with harsh ingredients and pesticides that leave harmful residue behind. This toxic residue can pollute the air inside your home and harm your health. Insect repellants and air fresheners also share the same toxic chemicals that kill pests but also harm your respiratory system. Switching to cleaner and greener alternatives can make a huge difference in the long run.

For instance, The Better Home's range of natural floor cleaners and toilet cleaners are packed with plant-based enzymes that expertly wash away dirt and germs without harming you. Our eco-friendly mosquito repellents and air fresheners have been formulated with natural essential oils that keep pesky insects and respiratory issues at bay.


Avocado toasts and dragon fruit smoothie bowls may look tempting for your social media feed but they also increase your carbon footprint significantly. Instead of heading to larger departmental stores, buying seasonal fruits and vegetables from your local vendors not only helps the planet but also supports smaller businesses.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

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