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Season's Sustainable Gifting!

by Anant Khare 07 Dec 2021

'Tis the season to be jolly .'Tis also the season of unwanted wrappers and last-minute gifts.   

In all the celebratory chaos, sustainability and eco-consciousness often suffer. But it doesn't have to be like that. Some small adjustments here and a few changes there can help you have a jolly good time, guilt-free.  

Here are some ideas to get you started: 


Unwrapping presents is definitely one of the greatest joys in life. But the shiny wrappers often end up in the bins. To make your presents look eco-friendlier and more unique, use newspapers to wrap them. The older the better.  

Old, yellowed, newspapers often have a vintage charm to them. Just wrap it around your present and tie it with a piece of twine to add a rustic element. 

Biodegradable presents:    

Choose products that have biodegradable packaging. So when your earth-friendly friends unwrap their presents, the packaging material can go straight for composting instead of the trash bin. Seed papers and pens that can be planted are an excellent addition as well since it's a gift that keeps on giving! 

Learning class:  

A last-minute gift that is thoughtful and sustainable. Talk about perfection! Gift your loved one a learning course or class instead of a physical gift. Not only is it going to put a smile on their faces but also helps them in life. It can be as practical as a language course or as infinitely fun as a dance class. 

Thoughtful and practical:  

Instead of going for glam, glitter, and all that jazz, give your loved ones that they'll actually use. The Better Home's range of eco-friendly household cleaning products makes for a thoughtful yet practical gifting idea. Our eco cleaning products and home care products are formulated with active plant enzymes and are free of harsh chemicals that ensure that your loved ones are always safe from nasty side effects. 

Low waste starter kit:  

 Starting on a sustainable journey isn't always easy. With everything wrapped in plastic and unrecyclable materials, we often think adapting to a low-waste life is a tough mountain to climb. Help out a friend and give them a starter kit to begin their journey. 

The Better Home Cleaning Products

The best part about this kit is you can personalize it. Add reusable straws, compostable garbage bags and coconut coir scrub pads from The Better Home, beeswax wrappers, a reusable tote bag for shopping trips, and more.

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