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Save your money & the planet : Why Bulk Buying Helps

by GlobalBees Brands Pvt Ltd 17 Oct 2022

"Bulk-buying" has gained popularity, especially after covid. In 2020, when Covid-19 disrupted the normal pace of the human race, there was a crisis of regular household items in normal retail shops. Due to a lack of transportation and manufacturing problems, there was a scarcity of regular food items like fruits, veggies, oil, etc. This situation led people to buy bulk household items. Before exploring this topic in detail, let's discuss what bulk buying is. 

What is Bulk Buying? 

Bulk buying is when you buy multiple items at the same time. You can do it online or in person. It's a great way to save money on groceries, household supplies or furniture. It's also essential for the environment because it cuts down on packaging and waste. The most common example of this is when you buy toilet paper in bulk. You can often buy it by the roll or by the case of 48 rolls at a time. This way, you don't have to worry about going to the store every time you need more toilet paper, but it also saves you a lot of money compared to buying individual rolls or boxes at a time. Similarly, you can try bulk for grocery items with longer shelf life, for example, spices, oil, detergent powder, home cleaners, nuts and seeds, etc.  

How does bulk buying for a home help save money? 

Bulk buying is a great way to save money on your home. You can buy large quantities at a discount and save the planet by not buying in single-unit quantities. If you're looking for something specific, bulk buying can be helpful because it allows you to get what you need without paying for shipping costs and other expenses associated with shipping orders from your local store or warehouse club. If you're looking for something specific, bulk buying can be helpful because it allows you to get what you need without paying for shipping costs and other expenses associated with shipping orders from your local store or warehouse club.  

In addition, buying in bulk will save you money because it allows you to buy items at a lower price than if you were to buy them individually. You'll also be able to use coupons and discounts the store offers to take even more off each item. Bulk buying is also a great way to maintain your monthly house budget, especially for bachelor people who live alone. When you live independently, managing every aspect of your household all on your own becomes a little tricky and messy. Bulk buying will help you save time; you don't need to run to the supermarket or wait for your weekly order. 

Doing own laundry can also be a rigorous task for a bachelor. Instead of running to the shop every time to buy bars or liquid, it's better to invest once and stock up the washing powder. Choose a plant-based cloth washing powder without chemicals like TheBetterHome's non-toxic detergent powder. This sulphate-free front-load washing machine cleaning powder is available in 4 and 8-kg packets. It contains beneficial enzymes that eliminate stubborn dirt and grim. Also, it is suitable for any delicate fabric.   

How does bulk buying for homes save the planet? 

Buying in bulk saves energy as well as money! For example, buying large quantities of natural gas and electricity allows companies to use less of these resources and have less impact on our environment than if they were purchased individually or in small amounts. In addition, bulk buying is a great way to reduce plastic usage.  

Every person's action counts for something. Regular dumping of plastic is ruining our marine life, so it's high time for us to take a step to improve the scenario. For example, when you switch to buying items like grains, cereals, and legumes in bulk, you can use a paper bag or carry your own refill containers. 

Buying in bulk helps reduce packaging waste, which is a great way to reduce carbon footprints. However, individual products sold in the supermarket are predominantly packaged in plastic. This packaging contains harmful chemicals that ruin water, soil, environment, and food chain and can also threaten your health. 

Other benefits of bulk buying: 

  • You can reduce waste by purchasing large quantities of items without packaging or wrapping. 
  • You will be able to purchase items that are not available in individual quantities. 
  • You will help the environment by reducing product packaging and packaging materials used in shipping. 
  • Bulk buying can also help you save on taxes since it’s easier to prove that these items belong together than if they were purchased separately. 

Tips for bulk buying: 

  • Prepare your storage. Ensure to clean your fridge, boxes, and kitchen cabinets to refill items. Try to purchase large jars or containers to save the items.  
  • Bull buying doesn't mean unnecessary buying. Avoid running to the market if you have enough stock of materials, especially for veggies and fruits. 
  • Pay attention to shelf life. Ensure you don't use the items post-expiration date in your enthusiasm for stocking products. An easy way to avoid this hustle is to choose the products wisely while bulk-buying. 
  • Prepare and budget and do some calculations before purchasing the items; ensure the quantity matches the household needs. Remember, bulk buying doesn't mean overbuying or wastage of material. 

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