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NIFTY & THRIFTY: Use Less To Do More

by Pranay Nirgude 29 Nov 2021

Sustainability is now a buzzword in many consumer industries, not the least of all – in fashion. Brands are now using sustainable fabrics, employing sustainable methods, and launching campaigns that give back to the planet. But have you ever stopped to wonder, all these are still marketing talking points that's urging you to buy more? 

But fashion trends have got us good! With styles changing every other month, the fear of not being in vogue is real. Luckily, there's a solution that can help you, help the planet, and is easy on your pocket. It's thrifting! 

Preloved fashion can be a lifesaver.

The ugly side of fashion

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. The creation and manufacturing process of fabrics release tones of carbon dioxide into the air and soak up even more water.

But the environmental effects don't end there. Once the product is ready and sold to us, the consumer, that same piece of fabric finds a new home in the landfill a few years later.  

Though it isn't a new problem, fast fashion has aggravated the situation. With cheap prices and attractive discounts, our buying habits now rely on desires more than needs. Did you know by 2050, over 150 million tonnes of clothing waste will clog the landfills? 


Natural fabrics like cotton and wool take from 6 months to a year to break down whereas synthetic fibers like polyester may take as many as a hundred years to biodegrade. The waste that you are cleaning out from your closet today will still be around when your grandkids get old! 

You can't stop the 150 million tons of fabric waste from accumulating but you can definitely make the number a little lower. Small changes can make a big difference in the longer run.  

When you choose to keep your garments in use for longer, you are stopping it from entering the landfills. Keeping clothes in the wear cycle for longer doesn't necessarily mean that you'll have to wear the same thing every day for years on end.  

We all have that dress that we wore once and never touched again or those risqué pants we never got a chance to wear. Instead of clinging onto the hope that you will wear them one day, give them a second chance and sell them to people who would actually wear them.  


Online swap shops and thrift stores are your BFFs. 

Thrifting is not just great for selling but also for buying. Someone's trash can also become your treasure. And did we mention how easy it is on the pocket? 

Natural wear and tear is a major reason we stop wearing things that we once loved. If you want your clothes to keep making you happy, you need to give them some TLC first.  


Choose a washing powder or a liquid detergent that loves your clothes as much as you do. You don't need industrial-strength cleaners, make sure the liquid laundry detergent is gentle and effective. Most washing powders available in the market are very abrasive in nature and can significantly shorten the lifespan of your clothes.

Many washing liquids also contain bleach than can definitely make whites whiter but it deteriorates the fabric's strength over time and makes it more prone to tearing. 

The Better Home's Laundry Liquid specifically crafted with a safe, non-toxic formula, this plant-based washing liquid breaks down dirt and stains without harming your or your precious clothes. This liquid formula is free of bleach and is completely non-abrasive. 

the better home laundry liquid

Remember, less is more especially when you are making smarter and better choices. 


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