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New Parents, Wash Your Worries Down the Drain

by Karan Gupta 24 Nov 2021

If your sleeping routine matches your newborn’s or if you’re spending your downtime admiring your toddler’s inner Picasso, chances are you’ve equipped your home to accommodate your mini-me. Baby-proofing your space is no doubt the first thing that was on your parenting check-list before you welcomed your little one.

dishes gif
As that checklist gets longer, you’d have probably noticed the dishes in your sink piling high at the same pace. Before you bring those dirty dishes to heel, suddenly a thought occurs – are your cleaning products baby-safe? Is double-washing the solution? 
Pertinent questions indeed, especially since newborns, toddlers and little children have a delicate immune system that’s still developing, and is therefore a lot more susceptible to infections than an adult. Keeping your space clean & bacteria-free is as important as using baby-safe cleaning products that don’t leave harmful residue on the very materials they’re supposed to clean.
Most cleaning products found at store counters often contain industrial grade cleaning agents and can be harmful to inhale (let alone touch). Some of the questions you can ask to cut risk for your little one are 
  • What are the ingredients used? Are they natural or chemical? 
  • Have other parents vouched for it through repeat use? 
  • Does it leave toxic residue? 

To navigate these questions, the answers often lie in product features. It’s imperative to watch out for these green flags in your cleaning products such as:  

  • Plant-based Surfactant's
  • Hypoallergenic  
  • Ammonia & Phosphate-free 

The Better Home’s floor & dish cleaning range has caused quite a stir in parenting circles - right from the experience of using them, to its effectiveness.  

It’s note-worthy that these products don’t have the usual toxic suspects. They’re free of sulfates, fragrances, triclosan, dyes, petroleum-based compounds and parabens. As an added advantage, they’re also easy on the hands – you won’t notice the usual dryness that you feel after using your usual chemical cleaning liquids.  

baby care products

What’s more, the cleaning liquids from this range are safe enough to use to water your plants – talk about coming a full circle! 


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