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It's What's on the Inside That Matters

by Pranay Nirgude 25 Nov 2021

Superfoods are all the rage on the 'gram these days, as are fitness routines and yoga. But clean living is as much as the things you use every day and how they react to your body, as much as what you consume food-wise.  

Wondering how? Most of what we touch, or use to clean often has industrial grade elements in them that are harmful to inhale, let alone touch. Simply because their use is so normalized in our lives, we often don't think about how they'll affect us – especially since these are things we use on the daily.  

Regular industrial chemicals consist of harmful chemicals like ammonia, bleach, phosphates and more which are harmful to pets, babies and us. 

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Everyday Cleaning Agents We're In Contact With 

1. Kitchen: Kitchen hygiene is one of the primary concerns in every household. We often touch kitchen surfaces, cooking areas, sink, and chimneys. Also, that is the place where we cook our daily meals and wash our dishes. These areas are hotbeds for toxic residues that are often left over after cleaning with grocery store-bought cleaners.  

2. Toilet: Second comes toilet hygiene. Chemical toilet cleaner liquid might kill the bacteria, but it doesn't ensure complete safety. Elements like ammonia and phosphates can harm your skin and also doesn't clear pipe blockages.  

3. Floorings: If you have pet(s) or babies crawling on the floor, you need to be extra careful about floor cleaner liquid. In this case, after washing with chemical substances, babies or pets might lick the floor, and the poisonous components will directly affect their health.

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4. Clothes: Last, but not least, comes our garments. Our skin is in direct contact with garments throughout the day. Therefore, any chemical molecules in your liquid detergent the cloth can affect the skin, and results might be seen as skin reactions or more. Did you know, chemicals like bleach also ruin the smoothness and texture of clothes? 

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Why should you switch to natural cleaners? 

1. Safer homes and environment: When you switch to natural plant-based cleaners, you make your home safer for its residents by cutting exposure to chemicals. In this way, while cleaning your kitchen or mopping, you can be assured that toxic residue is not sticking to your dishes or hands. After washing, you can also use the wastewater to nurture your plants.  

2. Save your stomach: In the post-COVID era, we all are used to the term - do your own dishes. But have you ever thought the chemical foam in your dishwash liquid might leave harmful residue on your plate that may go straight to your tummy. This is especially relevant for babies, senior citizens and pets who are sensitive to any chemical, germs or bacteria. 

3. Skin-friendly: Sometimes, while washing the bleach in chemical cleaners can affect your skin. Although you can choose to wear gloves, but let's face it, always doing dishes with gloves might be a matter of hassle. Eco-friendly cleaners are less harsh than your skin. Instead of chemicals like ammonia, they consist of ingredients like glycerin, which spotlessly clean any greasy, oily food stain without making your palms rough. What's more, plant-based cleaners are entirely allergen-free! 

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4. Animal-friendly: India was the first country in South Asia to ban animal testing for cosmetic products. To go a step further to make sure animals are safe in your home too, it is essential to use cleaning agents that aren't harmful for them. If your pet, by any chance, licks one of the surfaces that is washed by the harmful cleaners, it might affect its health.  

5. No indoor pollution: Not only outside, but air pollution also includes indoor pollution. Did you know your indoor air becomes 10 more polluted with the combination of chemical products. Moreover, indoor air pollution contributes more than 22-50% of overall air pollution. With clean-ingredient products, you can easily cut this risk right inside your home! 

If you're wondering how to work around this, consider using products that are vouched for and loved by many. The Better Home's natural cleaners consist of plant-based ingredients and proactive enzymes that break the dirt molecules for spotless cleaning. Take a look at their all-purpose kit to start your journey! 

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