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How to Snack Your Way to a Better Future

by Anant Khare 16 Dec 2021

Do you notice the amount of food and packaging waste you throw out each week? You may think, “I’m not that wasteful,” but if you look closely, it can add up in a significant way.

Around 67 million tonnes of food is wasted in India each year but that isn't the only evil we are dealing with. The plastic that most of our foods come wrapped in has also been contributing greatly to the waste disposal problem. You can help tackle this problem by segregating your waste into biodegradable and non-biodegradable bins.

However, preventing the waste from accumulating is always a better option.

Food waste + packaging waste = something we'd rather not deal with.

No matter where you live or what your food habits are like, a look at your pantry will tell you that snacks always come with unwanted plastic packaging. And once munchies like chips and crispies are opened it loses freshness fast and ends up in the bin.

Here are some easy ways to tackle this problem:

Buy from your local bakery

Buy biscuits and other baked goods from your local bakery instead of opting for plastic-wrapped ones. You'll be helping a small business while also reducing waste. Bakeries usually sell their cakes and bakes in paper packaging which decomposes faster and doesn't pollute the land.

Store food in airtight jars:

Even if you choose to buy packed snacks, make sure that you store them in airtight jars. It'll preserve the freshness of the food and you can enjoy it for longer. Doing this will help you prevent food waste significantly.

Nuts and seeds:

Nuts and seeds are abundant in vitamins and healthy fats. if you do not enjoy its natural flavours, give it a quick roast and add your favourite seasoning. Make a large batch and store it in airtight jars to enjoy your healthy bites for longer.

Clean kitchen:

The biggest problem that comes with food storage is insect infestations. Use The Better Home's eco-friendly home cleaning products to keep insects at bay and your food fresher for longer.

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