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How to Protect Your Kids in This Pandemic

by Anant Khare 12 Jan 2022

It's no secret that your kids can be quite the handful. They never seem to stop asking questions. The "Why are we here?" question may soon be replaced with a question guessed it...the pandemic.

A lot of parents feel helpless during these difficult times. How can we prepare for this outbreak? Are our kids out of harm’s way? Here are some ways to protect your child's health.

Hand hygiene:

Kids touch EVERYTHING! From dirty corners in the house to random soiled objects in the park, the little ones can't seem to keep their hands to themselves. This makes hand hygiene one of the most crucial things to follow! Make sure that your children wash their hands with soap multiple times a day. You can opt for gentle, skin-friendly options like The Better Home's Hand Wash that is enriched with aloe vera and is perfect for your child's sensitive hands.

Keep it clean:

It's impossible to always know what surface your child is touching so it is better to keep your home as clean as possible. If you have a toddler, make sure to wipe your little one's toys with anti-bacterial wipes! Floors can be another hotbed for germs and other nasties, therefore its crucial to mop the floor with an efficient floor cleaner at least once a day.


Diet plays an extremely important role when it comes to building immunity. Make sure your child's diet includes plenty of nutrient-dense foods. Include citrus fruits, vegetables, eggs. cheese and more.

Indoor activities:

Staying indoors is the first precaution you should take to ensure the safety of your child. To make the indoor time a little more fun, try to include fun activities like board games in their daily routine. Not only is it a great way to spend time with family, it also creates a positive mental impact.

Insect repellents:

The last thing you need while ensuring the safety of your child's health is insect-induced diseases like malaria and dengue. Always use mosquito repellents and other insect repellents that are safe for your family's health like The Better Home's mosquito repellent patches made with 100% plant-based ingredients.

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