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How To Make Your Home Smell Fresh In 2022

by Anant Khare 10 Jan 2022

The worldwide pandemic has us all spending a lot more time indoors than we usually did over the past couple of years - right from setting up work spaces in our homes to finding hobbies that are mostly indoors.

No wonder then, that home improvement projects, DIY hobbies have seen an uptick of late. Core to this idea of make-at-home, the looming prospect of climate change has also sparked an interest in sustainable, clean living in many households. What we’re seeing is a blend of what’s called the #cottagecore sensibility (and aesthetic) that embraces a return to the roots in the means of production, and a commitment to upcycle, repurpose & reuse, over thoughtless consumption alone.

Fragrance has always been one of the ways to do up your home, but gone are the days of synthetic room fresheners & sprays. As air purifiers are becoming ubiquitous in homes, there is a cognizance among consumers that not everything that smells good is necessarily good for their health.

So what are clean, green ways to keep your home smelling fresh as a daisy in 2022?

1. Natural Flowers: Urban gardening in balconies have become synonymous with the word quarantine hobby. Stop by your local nursery to pick up indigenous flowering plants that are suited to our climate for an easy, fuss-free garden. Trust the cut blooms in your living room table to give off a sweet, homely smell.

2. Soy Candles: While soy candles can be more expensive than paraffin ones, they’re entirely biodegradable & compostable! This means you can simply let them decompose in the ground after use and re-use the jar for upcycling projects. Pro tip: Once your candle is almost over, let the glass votive simmer in warm water – the candle debris will easily come out, leaving you with a clean jar/glass to repurpose as you please.

3. Air Freshener Cards: Crafted from eco-friendly paper and infused with essential oils for a lasting, yet soothing aura, air freshener cards are an environmentally gentle way of making your space smell fresh. Unlike candles, they’re suitable for all sorts of spaces – think cars, cupboards, rest-rooms or even living & dining spaces. They last up to 4 weeks & gently mask unpleasant odours that’s rife in the air. Make sure to invest in one that’s easy on the environment like the one TBH offers. Air Freshener Card | Pack of 4 | Natural Air Freshener Online – The Better Home

If you’re keen to know more upcycling & low-waste ways of living, you might enjoy what we’re saying on Instagram. Check us out @thebetter.home!

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