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How to Keep your Toilet Chemical-free

by Karan Gupta 12 Sep 2022

Bacteria are a normal part of the environment, but it's essential to keep them under control. A toilet is a source of many bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella. These microorganisms can cause severe illness or even death if ingested by humans or animals. To avoid this problem, you should always use a toilet brush before using your toilet seat cover and after you finish using it. You can also use an old toothbrush to scrub your toilet bowl after each use to remove dirt and grime from around its rim.  

Why should you avoid chemical bathroom cleaners? 

Toilet bowl cleaners typically contain sodium hypochlorite, which is highly corrosive and difficult to remove from porcelain surfaces. This can lead to staining and, eventually, cracking of porcelain surfaces. The toxicity also affects oral health causing gastrointestinal irritation and skin rashes. Using toilet bowl cleaners can also lead to accumulating heavy metals such as mercury in the groundwater supply, which threaten human health. 

Tips to keep your toilet chemical-free: 

In this article, we will talk about some natural ways to keep your bathroom clean and germ-free. 

Use homemade cleaners 

Homemade eco cleaning products copy space

The first step to keeping your bathroom clean is to make natural cleaners. These cleaners effectively kill germs and remove stains from surfaces like floors, sinks and countertops. You can use homemade cleaners instead of toilet cleaner acids as often as needed to maintain a clean environment in your home or office. Use natural products such as vinegar or baking soda instead of store-bought cleaners; these products have antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria without harming your septic system. Also, you can buy quality branded products with low or no toxic content; avoid using cheap substitutes as they may not work effectively on tough stains like blood or coffee grounds. For example, TheBetterHome's plant-based bathroom cleaner is non-toxic and paraben-free. With its deep cleaning formula, this bathroom cleaning liquid.  

Keep an eye on toilets: 

It has been said before (and it will be repeated) that our bathrooms are breeding grounds for all sorts of bacteria. Toilets tend to collect dirt over time, and deposits left behind can lead to serious health problems if not cleaned properly. Keeping an eye on your toilet tank is vital since this area tends to grow.  

Add essential oils: 

Olive oil and olive branch on the wooden table

Essential oils are a great way to freshen your toilet bowl, especially if you want to eliminate the lingering scent of chemicals. You can add a few drops of lavender oil into the water tank or even use tea tree oil for a more natural scent. Essential oils uplift the bathroom scent with a gentle and fresh aroma. Essential oils with citrus flavour are famous for their cleansing and purifying properties. Here is a list of essential oils that you can mix in your bathroom cleaning solution: 

  • Lemon essential oil 
  • Eucalyptus essential oil 
  • Tea Tree oil 
  • Peppermint essential oil 
  • Lavender essential oil 
  • Orange essential oil 
  • Grapefruit essential oil 
  • Spearmint essential oil 

Get rid of germs with a toilet cleaning brush: 

Toilet brushes are another great way to keep your toilet chemical-free. These brushes help remove hard water stains and keep your toilet bowl clean and germ-free. The bristles are made from soft bamboo. 

Remove hard water stains using vinegar: 

High angle of eco-friendly cleaning brushes with vinegar and lemon

To remove hard water stains from sinks or toilets, try adding vinegar to the water while brushing your teeth in the morning! This will help remove any mineral deposits left behind by hard water, making it easier for you to brush your teeth without getting them dirty again.  


  • 3 cups distilled white vinegar 
  • 1 cup Epsom salt 
  • 2 tsp natural liquid soap 
  • A few drops of antibacterial essential oil 


  • Combine all the ingredients in a mason jar. 
  • Stir and close the cap tightly. 
  • Shake it well until the salt dissolves. 
  • Pour 1/3 of the mixture on the stain. 
  • Let it sit for 20-30 minutes. 
  • Scrub and rinse with water. 

Using baking soda for scrubbing sink: 

If you have hard water stains in your sink or toilet bowl, try using baking soda instead of bathroom cleaning acid for scrubbing away dirt. A solution of baking soda and water is far more effective and less harmful than industrial cleaners. In addition, you can use a toothbrush while rubbing the sink; the bristle will help eliminate dirt and germs from every nook and corner.  

Clean mirrors with vinegar: 

Housewife woking at home. lady in a blue shirt. woman clean mirror.

Steamy bathroom mirrors are one of the major concerns in every household. Just wiping it with a wet cloth might leave germs and dirty residues. You can prepare a solution with equal parts of white vinegar and water. Pour it into a spray bottle. After taking a shower, spray the solution over the mirror and wipe it with a microfibre cloth.  

Maintain the old shine: 

One of the main disadvantages of using chemical toilet cleaners is that it ruins the glow of the tiles and walls. Natural and non-abrasive cleaners will spotlessly clean the washroom without ruining the shine. In fact, natural ingredients like Vinegar and Lemon help restore the old shine. 


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