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How to Deep Clean Your Living Room?

by Karan Gupta 10 Aug 2022

A common misconception about deep cleaning is that it's time-consuming — that it takes all day. But the truth is that most people can complete this task in under an hour. Living rooms are the heart of any home, and they're also the place where your family spends the most time. That's why keeping them clean in appearance and function is essential. Start with the basics: 

  • Clean all surfaces with a good-quality cleaner. If you want to clean your living room thoroughly but don't have time to do it yourself, consider hiring an expert to do it for you (or at least part of it). It could be worth spending the money on hiring someone familiar with decluttering and organizing spaces — or if you know someone who has done this before and can refer you to someone like that. 
  • Use a mop or cloth instead of paper towels when wiping down hard surfaces like wood floors or tabletops. Paper towels tend to leave behind a lot of lint, which will only get worse if you don't change them often enough — and they don't absorb much water either, so they won't wash away any dirt or debris that might be stuck.  
  • Disinfecting is also essential because your living room is the place where you host a party and make your guest feel relaxed. Gathering people can also spread bacteria and several diseases, harming your family members' health. So, while deep cleaning, don't forget to use your disinfectant floor cleaner. 

Steps for deep cleaning your living room: 


Start from the basics. The first and most rigorous task of cleaning your home is dusting the walls, furniture, and ceiling fans. You might think following the cleaning steps is irrelevant, but it is the only strategy to make deep cleaning simple and organized. The key to cleaning a dirty room goes from top to bottom- literally. Start deep cleaning by dusting the upper wall and ceiling fan blades. This allows the dust and germ to come to the floor, and it helps you mop it all in one go. Next, take down the curtains, dust the rods well, and don't forget about entertainment sets, sofas, and music boxes. 

Wipe out windows: 

If we are following the top-to-bottom cleaning process, then windows come at the mid-level. Windows might be your favourite corner of the house, a corner filled with creativity and emotions. Imagine sitting in front of your window and watching those rain droplets and a cup of steaming coffee. Now let's return to reality and take responsibility for keeping our favourite spot neat and clean. The age-old technique of cleaning living rooms; take a bunch of old newspapers, spray some floor cleaner or disinfectant, and starts wiping your glass windows and wall decor. Follow a Z pattern while cleaning to remove all the dirt and streaks. Ensure to clean the rims and corners where most of the germs are stuck. 

Wipe soft surfaces: 

After the rigorous dusting and cleaning, it's time for some lightweight tasks like cleaning soft surfaces like sofas, curtains, cushions, pillow covers, etc.  

  • Pillows: It is recommended to fluff the pillow daily. While cleaning the room, you can scrap the dirt, germs, fur, or other stuff from the upper surface. Wash the pillow covers at least once in two weeks.  
  • Curtains: Wash the curtains at least twice a year because it is directly exposed to sunlight and dust. 
  • Throw blankets: Once a season, wash your blankets and rugs with a gentle setting. Use a plant-based cleaner to maintain the softness and texture.  

Here are some DIY cleaning solutions for soft surfaces: 


  • 1/2 cup of olive oil and 1/4 cup of vinegar.  
  • Spray the surface and buff with a soft cloth. 


  • 1/4 of vinegar, 3/4 of warm water, 1 tsp of dish soap or mopping cleaner 
  • Mist the couch and pat a cloth to dry. 

Disinfect frequently touched surfaces: 

One of the most crucial parts of the living room is cleaning high touch points like remotes and switches. These are very neglected corners but can spread most of the germs in your home. Due to frequent uses, it is recommended to clean high touch points regularly. Put on disposable gloves and wipe the corners with a disinfectant spray or wipe. 

Declutter your floor: 

The last and final step is to declutter your floor. Start with mopping all the dirt and cleaning with a plant-based floor cleaner liquid like TheBetterHome's pet and baby-friendly floor cleaner for mopping. It consists of no chemicals and leaves no side effects on your health. Make sure you arrange all your furniture and decor. Also, don't forget to vacuum up the rugs and carpets on the floor. 

Some tips to prevent dirt build-up in your living room: 

  • Dust the sofas, curtains, tv, and other elements regularly 
  • Fluff the cushions  
  • Spruce up the couch 
  • Keep the windows open; a well-ventilated space has less odour 
  • Keep the blankets in direct sunlight for some time.  
  • Avoid spilling liquids on glass 
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