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How are Bamboo Towels Better

by Anant Khare 29 Jun 2022

Bath towels and robes are now beyond necessity in urban homes. A good towel is one that can quickly and delicately soak the water from your skin without numerous cleanings. In a constant attempt to make bath accessories a part of a sophisticated lifestyle, marketers are coming up with different eco-friendly switching ideas. Bamboo towels are an integral part of this environment-friendly improvisation. The name "Bamboo Towels" makes the basic concept self-explanatory; the fabric is made of bamboo fibres. This is an eco-friendly and better alternative in contrast to standard cotton or microfibre towels.

Bamboo yarns are softer than cotton, and dampness-wicking properties are higher, so they absorb water quickly and dry rapidly. Bamboo towels are long-lasting and also have a satiny delicate surface. This natural and hygienic choice switch also consists of anti-microbial properties. The cashmere-like texture also helps your skin cooler in a hot atmosphere and hotter in cool wintry weather. Also, you can dry the towel in sunlight because it protects the fabric from the effect of UV rays. Finally, the scent-safe and anti-static properties add some brownie points to the bamboo towels. Like cotton towels, the bamboo strands are mixed with several materials like polyester or spandex. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic so that it won’t irritate sensitive skin – this makes them ideal for sensitive people or those with allergies like eczema or psoriasis.

TheBetterHome’s bamboo bath towel gives you a salon-like comfort with the extra fluffy and soft texture. It’s durable, highly absorbent and also can be washed in machines.

Why are Bamboo towels eco-friendly?

Bamboo is a species of the grass family and one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, with a growth rate of over 80% per year! Due to its fast growth, bamboo can be harvested without killing the plant, making it one of the most sustainable resources available today. Today, it is one of the fastest-growing renewable resources in the world. It can be used for everything from paper to clothing, even food. Moreover, it grows naturally on the Earth, without pesticides or insecticides. As a result, bamboo grows quickly, yielding more than cotton and requiring less water to develop.

Bamboo is an eco-friendly fibre that originates from bamboo grass. As a self-sustained plant, bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth. It can grow up to 1 meter per day, has an expansive root network that doesn’t need replanting, grows efficiently, and yields more than cotton. There are numerous benefits to choosing bamboo over cotton. First, bamboo plants grow without pesticides or insecticides because they have natural antimicrobial properties. Then, compared with conventional cotton, it needs 1/3 the amount of water to grow. That means it is a self-sufficient crop that requires no irrigation, using water more efficiently to benefit local communities and farmers who depend on its cultivation.

Benefits of using bamboo towel:

Highly absorbent:

Bamboo towels draw moisture away from your skin, resulting in better absorption and quicker drying times. Not only are they fantastic for drying off after a shower, but bamboo towels also remain dry to the touch and don't stay damp as other materials do. In addition, their antimicrobial properties prevent odours so that you can use fewer towels throughout the week!
Anti-bacterial and odour resistant:
Bamboo towels are not just beautiful and soft but also highly effective at reducing bacteria. The natural biocide properties of bamboo Kun mean that bacteria will not grow on them. This product is perfect for those who suffer from allergies or asthma as it is naturally anti-bacterial, making it safe for everyone. In addition, bamboo towels are great for those with sensitive skin; bamboo towels are 100% pure and natural. These eco-friendly products are a great addition to any home or bathroom.

Naturally soft:

Bamboo towels adopt a unique mechanism to give you the healthiest, super-soft, pleasurable feeling possible. Our all-natural bamboo fabric feels soft on your skin, durable enough for everyday use, yet with an ultra-lightweight feel. It is considered one of the most luxurious and highly absorbing fabrics today, which effectively removes water from your body without leaving any residues or stickiness. Combining our silky-soft, durably dense fibres with a proprietary wash treatment method, these long-lasting bamboo towels will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a luxury hotel spa every time you step out of the shower or bathtub!


Organic bamboo towel qualities make an excellent investment – the fabric is pilling-resistant and wrinkle-resistant, reducing the need for frequent washing. In addition, the fibres don't degrade over time (as does polyester), making towels more affordable and eco-friendlier. And when you buy high-quality organic bamboo towels, you know they won't shrink after washing!

How do you maintain Bamboo towels?

Bamboo towels are made from natural fibres and are therefore more environmentally friendly than other types of towels. They are also more durable than cotton: although they require some maintenance, they will last longer than any other towel. In addition, you can wash them millions of times before showing signs of wear – and even then, they will still be usable until their last breath!
Bamboo towels can be washed in the machine at up to 90 degrees Celsius or boiled on the stovetop. We recommend using a gentle detergent with no fabric softeners or bleaching, as these can affect the absorbency of your towels over time. After washing, hang them on the line (or in your dryer) until they are completely dry before folding them away again.

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