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Effective Home Remedies for Stomach Pain in Infants

by Karan Gupta 20 Aug 2022

As a parent, it can be quite distressing to see your baby in pain and grumpy throughout the day. The more challenging part is to determine the cause of the discomfort. Your little one can cry for several reasons, and stomach pain can definitely be the primary suspect. Stomach pain is seen frequently in babies, especially at midnight. There could be several reasons for stomach pain in babies. Like: 

  • Overfeeding 
  • Allergic reactions to some food 
  • Lactose intolerance 
  • Gas and bloating 
  • Indigestion 
  • Irritable bowel disease 
  • Consumption of contaminated water 
  • Junk and fried food 
  • Worm infestation 
  • Weak digestive systeme 
  • Acid reflux 
  • Gassy vegetables like cauliflower, raddish, cabbage, beans  

Hing and ghee on the stomach: 

Mix 1 tsp of Hing (Asafoetida) with 1 tsp of ghee. Heat it for a while; make sure it's not too hot. Baby skin is very delicate; too much hot substance can burn the skin. Let the mixture cool and apply it to the tummy four to five times a day until the baby gets relief. Hing is a natural and one of the most effective home remedies for stomach pain. Also, it helps improve digestion and reduce other abdominal issues like bloating or acidity. Ghee is a superfood and a rich source of butyric that helps boost intestinal wall. Along with the mixture, you can also apply tummy roll-on oil; ensure it is plant-based and consists of no side effects on your newborn's health, just like TheBetterHome's roll-on stomach oil. This natural tummy oil aids digestion and colic relief without causing major harm to your baby's health. This oil is enriched with the goodness of hing, sauf (fennel), and pudina(mint), reducing bloating and discomfort. 

Jeera water (Cumin and water): 

Mix 2 tsp of cumin with one litre of water. Heat it and pour the mixture into a bottle. Make sure your child keeps sipping the mixture throughout the day. You can store this mixture until your child gets well. Cumin is an acid neutraliser that aids digestion, and water is a natural detoxifier. 

Burp your baby: 

Burping might sound gross and embarrassing in public, but it is an essential sign of digestion, especially for babies. Burping is critical to baby care because it prevents gas, bloating, discomfort, and spitting up. After every feeding, put your baby on your shoulder and keep patting his/her back. If the process doesn't work for your baby, try the "football hold". Place the baby's face down on your arm with the legs straddling your elbow. Rest his chin on your arms and stroke the back with gentle pressure. This process helps release the excess air that the baby consumes while eating. 

Beetle leaf and castor oil: 

Warm half a teaspoon of castor oil; heat until it's lukewarm. Massage the oil in a circular motion on your baby's tummy. Cover the tummy with a beetle leaf for a while. Castor oil stimulates the digestive system and relieves stomach pain. Castor oil is a great medicine to clear the bowel system and release excess gas. To prevent bloating and discomfort in your gassy newborn, you can massage some castor oil frequently in his/ her lower abdomen. Castor oil is also an effective laxative that improves constipation in babies. Sometimes parents feed castor oil to babies, but the quotient might vary and also oral use of castor oil can cause side effects on his/her health, so massaging is the safest option. 

Ghee and salt: 

Constipation can also be another reason for stomach pain in babies. Instead of going for chemical and drug medicines, it is better to opt for Ayurvedic home remedies. Ayurveda suggests using the goodness of easily available ingredients to eliminate physical and mental discomfort. To reduce constipation in babies, mix 1 tsp of ghee and half tsp of salt into a quarter cup of hot water. Stir well so it doesn't form lumps, and make your baby sip slowly. This remedy is only effective if given an hour after dinner. Ghee is one of the few superfoods that improve intestine health; salt and warm water provide a laxative effect. 

Feed Yoghurt: 

From babies to adults, yoghurt is recommended for everyone with stomach pain. It is a probiotic-enriched food option that enhances gut health by providing good bacteria. Especially if your baby is suffering from stomach aches due to diarrhoea, yoghurt will give instant relief; diarrhoea generally destroys gut-friendly bacteria. In addition, yoghurt is enriched with lactobacillus, a gut-friendly bacteria that supports better intestine health. Yoghurt can also restore the good bacteria your baby has lost due to diarrhoea and stabilise the intestine. Ensure you feed unflavoured and unsweetened yoghurt to the baby. 1/2-1/4 cup of yoghurt is enough for infants. 

Work on reducing bloating: 

Stomach bloating is also another reason for stomach pain in babies. Sometimes, babies suffer from bloating gas due to irregular feeding or change in weather. As a result, their stomach starts feeling heavy, making their newborn cranky throughout the day. You can try giving cod-liver oil, and for effective results, here is a convenient remedy: toast 1 tsp of fennel seeds and mix 1 cup of boiled water. Add a dash of hing, rock salt, and a few pieces of ginger to the boiling water. Filter it and give a few sips to your baby after every meal. Make sure you cool down the mixture before giving it to your child. 

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