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Easy Swaps to Make Your Bathtime Eco Friendly

by Anant Khare 04 Jul 2022

Bath time is part of your daily routine where we can completely be ourselves. Especially at weekends or on vacations, a nice hot water bubble bath can be the best therapy for your stress. Bathtime is all about making yourself feel good and joyful. But as an eco-conscious person, you don't want your bath time to affect the natural environment or your delicate skin. So how do you make your bath time eco-friendly? First, let's get ahead with the essentials of improving your bathing habits. Before that, it's important to take a short detour and understand why it is crucial to adopt eco-friendly bath habits.

What does eco-friendly mean?

An eco-friendly lifestyle is a way of living that doesn't harm the environment or any living creature. Eco-friendly habits exclude all the products and lifestyle practices that include pollution, animal killing, or even wastage of natural resources. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle may have become a buzz or trend in urban areas. Still, more importantly, it's necessary to build a better future for wildlife and even for our upcoming generation. In the light of being eco-friendly, as responsible citizens, we need to focus on how to make minimal switches in our daily routine to save the planet. Firstly, try to eliminate plastic entirely from your life and switch to chemical-free organic products. In addition, cleaning your surroundings and recycling household waste are the essential pillars of an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Some bathtime upgrades for an eco-friendly lifestyle:

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Design with eco-friendly wallpaper:

The roots of a bathtime start from the essential step, i.e., building an eco-friendly bathroom. First, choose a VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) -free or low-VOC paint. A toxic-free wallpaper helps maintain indoor air quality and reduces allergy-inducing toxins. In addition, a VOC-free paint dries quickly and gives a durable and better finish.

Use a bamboo towel:

Bamboo towels can be a significant eco-friendly choice because they can be long-lasting and recyclable. Bamboo bath towels have a higher absorption ability than regular towels. It is soft and delicate on the skin; you can also wash it after 3-4 uses. Bamboo towels have anti-bacterial properties and are also odour-resistant. TheBetterHome's Bamboo cotton towels are 100% organic, durable, extra-fluffy, and suitable for wash mashing usage.

Add plants in the bathroom:

Yes, there are plants to keep your bathroom fresh as well. Go green in your bathroom by placing small plants like ferns or succulents. You can place it on a windowsill or countertop, where they will get enough light. Plants put a very positive impact, help reduce stress, and also purify indoor air.

Use organic soap:

Instead of chemical soaps with synthetic fragrances, you can switch to chemical-free and organic soaps, for example, charcoal soap. Activated charcoal is derived from coconut shell, bone char, peat and coal. It unclogs the dirty pores and removes toxins and impurities from your skin. Charcoal soap also has high absorbent power, so it's beneficial, especially for oily skin. Also, for handwash, you can use a plant-derived handwash, which contains no harsh chemicals, for example, TheBetterHome's chemical-free handwash liquid. It is soft on your skin and even safe for babies.

Reduce waste with a green trash can:

An eco-friendly trash can in your washroom will help you take a step ahead for a zero-wastage future. Consider using biodegradable and compostable trash bags that are easy to recycle. Or else, you can also go for a mini compost bin in the bathroom to hold nail clippings, cotton swabs, toilet paper rolls, and biodegradable hygiene products.

Get a ventilation fan:

Installing a ventilation fan is necessary for your washroom to remove moisture. In addition, a ventilation fan helps eliminate and control the odour in your washroom and removes water vapour accumulated on mirrors and walls. For a better and eco-friendly bath time experience, you can also go for humidity sensors and smart devices that use less electricity.

Watch your bath time and process:

Primarily for an eco-friendly bathtime, it is always recommended to use a bucket instead of showers or bathtubs. This way, you tend to save water. But sometimes, on holidays, if you feel like taking a hot bubble bath, then here are a few things that you can do:
  • Watch your bathtime.
  • Don't fill the tub entirely because when you sit, a lot of water will spill out.
  • Don't keep the tap running.
  • Don't mix hot and cold water; wait 10 minutes for the water to cool down and then use it.
  • Instead of electric lights, use scented candlelight for a better and eco-friendly experience

Use recycled building materials:

To build a sustainable bathroom, use nature-friendly materials like bamboo, concrete, steel, porcelain, glass, and reclaimed wood. These raw materials don't cause any harm to the environment and can be used in floorings and recycled tiles: The benefits of using recycled materials are endless; it saves the environment and helps you maintain a proper budget.

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