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DIY Hacks: Revive & Repurpose!

by Pranay Nirgude 03 Dec 2021

Waste management is not just about separating dry waste and wet waste. Our duty is not just to put the packets in the bins; we also have to worry about affecting the environment. Some quick data points that help us understand the extent of the problem is  
- About 0.1 million tons of municipal waste is generated daily in India.  
- The annual count for household waste is around 36 million tones.  
- Indian metropolitan cities generate approximately 0.6kg of waste per capita.  

In future, these numbers will keep rising if we don't take calculative measures to control our waste.  

The easiest and quickest way to handle the situation is to wake up your inner artists. DIY (Do It Yourself) trends have created a buzz in social media, especially in the post-Covid era. You can easily make the best out of waste by using some simple techniques. Also, the DIY hacks will help you to invigorate your creative mind. Here are some fun ideas to decorate your sweet home from the regular waste: 

  • Jars & Containers: Empty dessert jars could be used in your balcony's vertical garden. Old paint or oil can be used in your kitchen as spatula or spoon holders. Metallic containers and glass bowls can be used as pen/pencil holders or plant holders in your vertical garden. Also, you can use your natural home cleaner bottles as a pot for your plants. For example, TheBetterHome's home cleaning products' bottles. Our eco-friendly cleaning products are free from harmful chemicals like Ammonia or Bleach, so you can use the wastewater to nurture your plants.  

  • DIY Lamps: Most Indian households are filled with empty egg trays, plastic spoons, paper cups, etc. Have you ever thought of using these objects to make a soothing bed lamp? Of course, it's possible! A subtle golden or white bulb in these customized lamps will make your friends gaga over your home decor skills.  
  • Bottle caps: Fridge magnet is a negligible but trendy part of modern home decor. You can use bottle caps and experiment with your inner artist to decorate your fridge door.  
  • Old clothing: Torn jeans, old shirts, and tops can fulfil many emergency requirements for your household. For example, old jeans and shirts can be cut and used as a tote bag. Also, you can use a piece of old clothing to wipe tables, furniture and even to cover the holders on fridge doors. 

The process of refining and reducing waste pollution is never-ending. Even a tiny piece of garbage can be responsible for producing harmful greenhouse gases. By replacing, recycling, and reusing waste material, we can help pave the way for a low-waste future. 

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