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Cycling To A Circular Economy

by Anant Khare 20 Jan 2022

The second edition of The Better World
Bringing you stories of green hope in a greying world

Cycles have seen an unprecedented rise in sales after the WHO recommended it as a safe means of transport and a way to stay fit, during the pandemic. The Managing Director of well-loved bicycle brand HMC reported that the demand for electric cycles went up by a 100% during the pandemic.

Cycles are also a greener way to commute, especially in cities clogged with 4-wheel drives.

TBH Blog

Source: dopl3r. “Excuse Me Sir... Can We Please Talk about Climate Change?” dopl3r.Com, dopl3r, 7 May 2019,

However, long before Strava screenshots of cycle routes on Instagram were a thing, a solo cyclist cycled around the country.

The Better Barter

Ankit Arora survived off a barter system when he travelled around India on his cycle. He would learn the local crafts in the villages he visited and stayed in. In return, he'd teach them sustainable ways of living using things that were easily available in the regions the villages were located in. (More on his journey, here)

In smaller circles that advocate low-waste living, community level experiments in bartering are thriving. Barter is an effective model of circular economy as it reduces the impact of consumption, but can it snowball into sparking larger, policy-level change? The World Economic Forum makes a case for it, here.

Zebra Crossing for Animals, RAWR!

Animal crossing corridors have shown incredible promise in saving the lives of endangered species in many countries. In India alone, 9 crossings across NH 44 that cuts through Pench Tiger Reserve have been sanctioned by the court, marking a huge win for conservationists (and the tigers).

From Florida's alligator alley to Costa Rica's sloth bridges, read The Guardian's round up of wildlife bridges around the world, here.

If you had to listen to one thing this week...

Let it be Shriya Suriyanarayanan's podcast called Footprints.
Her easy conversations with sustainability advocates and entrepreneurs who innovate green solutions, make for the perfect companion to your cuppa in the weekend, or while you're driving.
Take a look, here.

That’s it, folks!
Don't forget to reuse, recycle & reduce until the next time.


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3. Footprint - A Guide To Sustainable Living - Aawaz English Podcast

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