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Consumer Trends Shifting Toward Sustainability

by Anant Khare 20 Dec 2021

In a world where once people wanted more and more, consumer behavior is now starting to shift away from excess consumption. Consumers, who are often seen as a driving force behind the economy, are shifting toward sustainable consumption.

The growing practice of sustainability means that today's consumer doesn't want to fill a closet with an endless amount of clothing. Instead, they prefer quality over quantity, and value the importance of natural-based materials as opposed to synthetic ones.

In India, the change has been evident especially after the COVID 19 pandemic. According to a report by Capgemini 79% of consumers in the country now base their purchase decisions on factors like environmental impact, inclusiveness, and social responsibility. The pandemic has been eye opener for many about the scarcity of resources. It has increased awareness about environmental impact and buyers are now prioritizing sustainability over affordability/ In the report, 67% of the consumers said that they are now more aware about the depleting natural resources.

People are now more aware of their carbon footprint and how every small choice they make affects the planet. At home, natural home cleaners and eco-friendly cleaning products are taking precedence over harsh chemicals.

Products advertised as 'natural' have enjoyed a favorable position in the Indian market for quite some time now but consumers have now started understanding the difference between greenwashing and sustainability.


Marketing gimmicks are not going to cut it anymore. Lazy green packaging without a complete ingredient list isn't welcome anymore. With a rising consumer demand, brands now have to move towards a more sustainable flow including their manufacturing process.

As a consumer, you can give this rising movement a much-needed push. All you have to do is ask!

  • - Ask where the ingredients are being sourced from?
  • - Does the brand or the product have any green certifications?
  • - What makes the product sustainable or eco-friendly?
  • - What packaging is being used and why?
  • - It is your right to know these details.

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