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Benefits of Copper For Your Body

by Anant Khare 27 Jun 2022

The mineral copper is essential for health, and it's one of the minerals found in multivitamins and prenatal vitamins. Copper is a crucial nutrient that helps your body needs to stay healthy. It helps with energy production, nerve function, supports bone development, blood circulation, and iron absorption. Copper utensils also help with collagen and iron absorption. It is found in shellfish, nuts, legumes and leafy greens. But how much do you need? The Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) for copper is 900 micrograms per day for men and 700 micrograms per day for women.

The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for copper is the minimum daily nutrient intake required to meet the known nutritional needs of nearly all healthy people in a particular life stage and gender group. It's based on scientific data about how much nutrient people need on average to avoid deficiency symptoms or risk factors for deficiency-related diseases. Don't pour hot water into a copper bottle; it might have some chemical reaction which is harmful to your body. In addition, copper intake plays a significant part in your brain health. Taking too much and too little copper can lead to severe mental conditions like Menkes, Wilson's, and Alzheimer's disease.

Some facts about copper:

A necessary element to regulate your body functions.
Copper deficiency is rare (only if nutritional needs are ignored for a longer time).
Copper supplements are not required and can even have side effects.
Speak to the doctor first

Why is copper considered a sustainable material?

Copper glasses, bottles, and dishes have been used in Indian civilization since ancient times. You can shop the whole copper range from TheBetterHome’s official website, where you can get lightweight and leak-proof copper bottles and glasses. Copper utensils not only enhance the taste but also contribute to your optimal health.

Reasons why copper is an eco-friendly choice:

  • Copper products are long-lasting. Even real estate planners and builders plan for copper proof because it is a worthwhile investment that causes less harm to the environment.
  • Copper can be recycled continuously. Wood is also a natural resource, but over time it becomes fragile. Copper has twice and four times more recycling value than aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Copper is naturally produced and also affordable. The manufacturing process doesn't negatively affect the environment.
  • Copper is an energy-efficient resource.

Copper is an essential trace mineral that plays a role in many biological processes. Copper is a vital trace mineral that plays a role in many biological processes. It's also been linked to heart health, cancer prevention and bone strength. But too much copper can be toxic, so getting the right amount of this mineral in your diet is essential.

Health benefits:

Improves heart health:

Low copper levels have been linked to high bad cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Therefore, the doctors highly recommend copper water bottles, especially for heart patients. Copper also helps to eliminate stress which is beneficial for heart patients. Copper-carrying proteins disarm oxygen radicals and power electron transport.

Neuron signaling:

Copper level in the human cell also helps regulate neuron signaling. In addition, Neuron and Gilla cells in the brain require copper for essential respiratory and antioxidant enzymes cytochrome c oxidase and superoxide dismutase to function properly. Copper also regulates the secretion of brain-specific enzymes that control neurotransmission. Copper also boosts dopamine or happy hormone secretion.

Boosts immunity:

Copper is one of the trace minerals for survival. It is generally found in body tissues and plays an integral part in producing red blood cells and maintaining the overall immunity system. Inadequate intake of this mineral can also cause Anaemia because red blood cells are made with copper as part of their hemoglobin molecule. Anaemia causes fatigue because oxygen isn't carried through the blood efficiently enough to meet your needs. Copper deficiency can also lead to conditions like neutropenia. In this, the white blood cells start decreasing, which makes us prone to germs and infection.

Beneficial for skin:

The skin is the human body's largest organ, and its health directly impacts overall well-being. Therefore, it is important to choose ingredients for skincare products that are safe, effective and sustainable. Copper is a trace element that is essential for the synthesis and stabilization of skin proteins. In addition, copper has potent biocidal properties that can kill bacteria, fungi and viruses on the skin's surface. The availability of copper can control the synthesis of mature elastin and collagen.

  • 1. Copper also plays a role in the crosslinking reactions necessary for elastin formation through lysyl oxidase activity.
  • 2. Copper activates several enzymes in collagen crosslinking reactions.
  • 3. Copper regulates the expression of procollagen type I C-terminal peptidase (PICP).
  • 4. degrades procollagen type I into fragments utilized by lysyl oxidase in crosslinking processes.

Improves bone health:

Copper is a trace mineral that's essential for bone health. It's one of the building blocks of connective tissue in your body, including collagen, which gives your bones structure and strength. Copper also helps inhibit bone resorption through a copper- and a zinc-containing antioxidant called superoxide dismutase. This antioxidant neutralizes superoxide radicals produced by the bone-breakdown cells called osteoclasts during bone resorption. While you don't need a large amount of this mineral, it's crucial for youthful, fracture-resistant bones, and here's why. Connective tissue formation relies on copper, and your bones rely on connective tissue. Copper deficiency has been linked to osteoporosis and osteopenia (bone loss), rheumatoid arthritis and other joint diseases.

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