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Are You Sorting Your Laundry The Right Way?

by Anant Khare 02 Mar 2022

Other than knowing your washing machine settings and reading the tag on your clothing, do you really know how to sort your laundry?

Sorting your white clothes from your colored clothes can seem like a useless task. However, it's actually on of the most important steps in the laundry process because it removes most of the dirt and stains before they can be set in. That way you'll have less cleaning to do afterwards. But dividing your clothes based on colors isn’t where the sorting stops. Here are some things to keep in mind before you do your laundry this week!

Check the label:

Many manufacturers have already set their clothing to be machine washable and safe for tumble drying on a low heat -- which saves you from having to separate loads. If there are no care instructions, then wash according to the fabric type.

If the care label has a hand symbol, then it should be hand washed instead of machine washed.

Check the fabric

Check the fabric composition of your clothes before putting it in the washing machine - wools, silks and cashmere should be handwashed or dry cleaned. If your clothes are made of blended fabric, check the composition in the label. For example, if your tshirt is 60% cotton and 40% polyester, sort it with other cotton clothes.

Colored clothes and whites

Check the color of your clothes before putting them in the laundry. Some colors will bleed when mixed with other colors. Put dark clothes with other dark clothes and light-colored clothes with other light-colored clothes.

Apart from checking these three factors, try to separate your laundry into the following piles to get a better idea of wash cycles.

Regular clothes: This pile should contain your everyday wear clothes and fabrics that are durable

Sheets and towels: Throw your bedsheets, duvet covers, and towels in this pile

Denims: Wash your denim together to avoid any color bleeding.

Delicates: Materials like silk and lace should be piled up together as they need gentler treatment.

Stained clothes: Keep the stained and dirty clothes together to avoid contamination.


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