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5 Grandma hacks that always work!

by Karan Gupta 01 Sep 2022

"Nani Ka Ghar"(Grandma's Home) is not a regular place; it is an emotion. Have you ever wondered why so? Do our grandparents have a key to happiness? Or do they have a magic mirror that reveals all their grandkids' desires? Be it summer vacay or Christmas holidays, "Nani ka Ghar" has always been a comfort place for all of us. Some of you must want to go back in time, where your grandma has all the solutions for your problems. Your grandma is the encyclopedia for all your concerns, be it stomachache, cuts, injuries, or fever. So, let's get boarded on the nostalgia ride and discover some of the grandma hacks that never fail to wonder us. 


Whenever we complained about stomach pain, remember how moms reacted? They always scolded us for having ice cream and chocolates, whereas your grandma used to rub something on your belly or feed you some magic water and the pain used to vanish in a while. It felt like it was not there. Well, let's talk about what was the magic trick. It was nothing but a simple ingredient from your kitchen rack; hing and carom seeds.  

Hing is rich in fibre and aids digestion; even for newborn babies, it is ideal for rolling some hing on the belly in case of stomach issues. Hing is the natural medicine for abdominal pain, bloating, and gastritis, and develops overall digestive health. Due to its anti-microbial property, hing also reduces stomach infections.  

Sometimes your grandma also gave carom seed and water or, as we call it, "Ajwain ka Pani". Carom seed has an active compound called Thymol that regulates the secretion of digestive juices and prevents indigestion. 


As effective as the grandma hack, many alternatives are available, just like TheBetterHome's Tummy roll on. It is enriched with mint, hing, and fennel that aids digestion and colic health and gassy newborn babies. It is eco-friendly and contains no chemicals or preservatives. 

Insect bites: 

Salute Your Shorts Nicksplat GIF

Mosquitoes and insect bites can affect most kids during school or while playing on the ground. Some of them can be fatal and harm your little one's health. Here are some simple grandma hacks that will help you get rid of the painful stings: 

  • While your kid is going out, make sure to put a few drops of eucalyptus or citronella oil on the collars and the exposed part of the body. The smell of these essential oils is not too dear to the insects; therefore, they try to maintain social distancing from you.  
  • Wear stripes or light pale fabrics and ensure the ankles and wrists are tapered to prevent the insect from wriggling inside. 
  • Tuck the pants into the socks and wear covered shoes.  


Choose TheBetterHome's natural mosquito repellant spray and patches if you run out of essential oils. It is non-toxic, plant-based, 100% waterproof, and gives 12-hour protection. The patches and spray contain no toxic chemicals and are enriched with essential oils like citronella, lemongrass, eucalyptus, soybean, castor, and peppermint. 


Beauty skin care concept beautiful caucasian woman face portrait applying cream mask on her facial skin white background

#BeautyGoalsNeverAchieved- This might be the appropriate hashtag for your grandmother, as she still carries the same innocent smile and vintage beauty. Believe it or not, every grandparent has a key to all the beauty hacks. From pimples to acne to deep cleansing; your grandma has got it all: 

  • Saffron and milk residue (Malai) mix to moisturize your skin. Milk is a natural exfoliator, and saffron helps to clean the dirty pours. 
  • Avoid stomach sleeping, and try to sleep straight on your back and nap on satin or silk pillowcases.  
  • Avoid drinking fluids from the straw; it can etch creases around your mouth.  
  •  Remember the childhood days when your granny used to put coconut oil on your skin every day? Well, it's time to thank her for your natural glow. Coconut oil nourishes your skin the best. 
  • Get at least 8 hours of beauty sleep. 


Deep cleansing is the key to get back your natural glow. The Better Home is here with a range of plant-based and non-toxic bath soaps: Menthol, Shea Butter, Tea Tree, and Charcoal. It is paraben free, safe for sensitive skin, and contains no harsh chemicals.  

Cleaning dishes: 

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Your granny is Wikipedia for all the fantastic hacks, but homecare always tops the list. Earlier, when liquid soaps and scrub pads were a luxury for mediocre people, they used to clean dishes with coconut coir. That was the natural and best method to clean dishes because it not only helps get rid of germs but also eliminates stuck oil greases and food residues.  


If you can’t find raw coconut coir, it is not a problem because TheBetterHome has got your back all the time. The coconut scrub is durable, natural, biodegradable and spotlessly cleanses all the food residues. After the shelf life, you can even try composting it. 

Kitchen hygiene: 

The kitchen might be the dearest place for your grandma; it is that zone of the house where she prepares all the sumptuous recipes for yo. But another thing to notice is that your grandmother is very particular about your kitchen hygiene. So, here are some of the grandma hacks that you can do to maintain a clean, sustainable, and Monica Clean kitchen: 

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  • Use copper and glass containers and bottles. They are easy to clean, safe for your stomach, and benefit your health. TheBetterHome's copper bottle range is leakproof, lightweight and durable. To clean, put 2 tsp of vinegar and 1 tsp of salt; fill the bottle with water and shake it well. Rinse well with cold water and leave it to dry. 
  • Clean your microwave dish with lemon and baking soda. 
  • Mix equal parts of baking soda and vinegar and spray on the gas burner to remove stuck food residues.  
  • Cleaning cabinets with lemon juice and white vinegar helps maintain the shine. 
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