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5 Common Things In Your Home Your Pet Might Be Allergic To!

by Anant Khare 14 Feb 2022

People often say that pets are like family to them. If you agree, then you'll understand the heartache of realizing your pet is sick. It's not uncommon for a pet to suffer an allergic reaction one day and have a completely different allergy the next.

Many pet owners are familiar with the signs of an allergic reaction in their animal — watery eyes, itchy skin and sneezing. Allergies can be a sign of an illness, but they can also be an indication of environmental factors that may affect your pet as well as you. To keep your pets healthy, it's important to identify what's causing the allergies.

Dust Mites:

These microscopic bugs feed on flakes of dead skin that you and your pet shed throughout the day. They love warm, humid environments like those found under blankets or near heaters and air conditioners, so if you have pets, you're likely to find dust mites in your bed. If you do have them, they can be detected by doing a simple test at home: Place a square of clear tape on a blanket or carpeted area and leave it overnight. In the morning, check the tape for any residue left behind by dust mites.


Fleas are another common allergen that pets can bring into a home. Fleas can cause very severe skin irritation for your pet as well as for you. The fleas themselves do not actually cause a problem; it is their saliva that causes the reaction by causing an allergic reaction when it comes in contact with your pet's skin or enters your bloodstream through their bite.

Floor Cleaners:

Yep, your floor cleaner can be the culprit! The most common cause is the chemical "xylene" which is a common ingredient in many commercial cleaners that are used to clean floors. If your pet is suffering from an allergy caused by chemical floor cleaners, make sure you use plant-based cleaners that are pet-safe like The Better Home’s non-toxic floor cleaners.

Allergies From Food:

A food allergy can cause vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite in pets. If you suspect that your pet is allergic to something he is eating, you should try switching him to another brand of food or another kind of food like canned food or fresh meat.

House Plants:

There are many types of common indoor plants that are toxic to pets. Some of these plants may cause severe illness, even death, if eaten by your pet. A few plants may cause minor skin irritation if your pet rubs against them or gets them in their paws. Aloe vera, Alocasia, and Azalea are some of them.

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