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3 Gift Ideas That Give Back: Gifting Consciously in 2022

by Anant Khare 19 Jan 2022

Sustainable gift-giving can be a challenge. When you have to shop for several family members, friends and co-workers, having the option to choose eco-friendly presents that your loved ones will actually use is so important. Sometimes that means choosing used clothing or hand-made crafts, while other times it means going with minimally packaged alternatives or reusable materials.
Here are some sustainable gifting ideas to get you started:

Use recycled paper to wrap your present:

Recycled paper has been used as gift wrap for years. It makes an excellent environmentally conscious choice because it is made from paper that would otherwise be thrown away or used in some other form of packaging. Choosing recycled paper as your gift wrap requires only a little thought, but it can be as creative as you desire. You can choose colourful designs or patterns for the look you want. Recycled paper also comes in a variety of colours so you can personalize your gift wrapping even further by choosing a colour scheme that matches your gift's theme or recipient's preferences.

Gift them a book:

A book is one of the best sustainable gifting options. As long as the book is not outdated, it can be read and re-read multiple times. A book is unique as a gift because of its personal touch. It's a great way to show someone you care about them.
Books are not only the kind of gifts that people remember, but they are also great for the environment as they can be recycled after use. So while you are giving an extremely useful gift, you're also making sure that your gift isn't going to sit around in the back of someone's closet or at the bottom of their trash can. Also, books are easy to ship since they don't break or get damaged easily.

Subscription service:

There is no perfect gift. It doesn't exist. Or, at least, it's not perfect for everyone. That's why we love a subscription service because it provides the recipient with a collection of items they would have never chosen on their own and that they may not even realize they need — until they've actually used it.
The thrill of getting something unexpected in the mail is undeniable, but there are actual benefits to subscribing to a service. A subscription service is one of the best sustainable gifting options.
For instance, you can gift someone a subscription to The Better Home's plant-based cleaning supplies like dishwash soap, washing machine liquid, and floor cleaners. Not only is this a practical present, it is also thoughtful and saves them a trip to the store.


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