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10 things you can clean with a lint roller

by GlobalBees Brands Pvt Ltd 11 Nov 2022

A lint roller is a small, handheld cloth that picks up loose strings, threads and other small particles from clothing. It's also handy for removing pet hair from furniture and upholstery.  

What is a lint roller used for? 

A lint roller is used to remove lint from clothing. Lint is a general term for threads, dust and other small pieces of fluff that cling to clothes when they are not cleaned properly. These tiny particles can cause damage to the fabric and make it look dull and dirty. A lint roller removes these particles from your clothing without damaging the fabric's surface. A lint roller is similar to a feather duster in that it comes in handy when you have something pesky stuck on your clothes or furniture. But where a feather duster can pick up dust, a lint roller is best for picking up small items like loose thread or unwanted fuzz on clothing. 

Are lint rollers good for clothes? 

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Your answer will depend on how frequently you use a lint roller, what type of clothing you have and how often you wash them. For example, if you wear jeans often, it's always a good idea to use a lint roller if they get dirty quickly or if they tend to get static electricity or cling. Likewise, if you wear formal or semi-formal clothes and jeans frequently, a lint roller may be necessary every so often to keep them looking clean and fresh. On the other hand, if your clothing only gets dirty occasionally, then there isn't any need to use one unless you notice an increasing amount of fuzziness or static clings over time. You can use them on all fabrics, including wool, cotton and synthetic fabrics, like TheBetterHome’s wooden lint roller for clothes. One roller comes with 60 reusable, easy-tear sheets. It removes all kinds of furs and dirt from your clothes without ruining the fabric. However, they work best with delicate fibres because these fabrics tend to get snagged easily by other household cleaning tools such as mops and brooms. 

Are there different types of lint rollers? 

Lint rollers generally come in sheet, brush, comb, and adhesive roller forms. The lint rollers' effectiveness depends on the fabric type and intense rolling ability. Lint rollers are used for cleaning various surfaces and clothing. They are also used in home offices, car interiors, and on the body. You can also use a lint roller to clean items such as electronics (such as TVs), kitchen appliances (such as microwaves), car interiors, and more. 

1) Glitters: 

Have you ever been through one of the art and crafts sessions? It might be productive and engaging, but the cleaning and organizing procedure takes almost forever, especially if you have sprinkled glitter on the surface. Use a lint roller all over the surface and pick up every last speck. 

2) Carpet: 

You can use lint rollers to clean dust and dirt from the carpet, furniture, upholstery, glass surfaces, and even your hair. If your carpet is covered with your furry friend's hair tresses, roll a lint to cleanse it and prevent shedding. 

3) Handbag: 

Avoid the hustle of washing your handbag repeatedly. Using a lint roller, you can also clean cookie crumbs or any residue from your handbag. 

4) Sunburn skin: 

Yes, that's right! Might feel weird, but it is one of the best and most instant treatments for sunburn. When your sunburned skin starts peeling, use the roller and rub it on specific areas to remove dead cells. 

5) Drawers: 

Cleaning out drawers can be a little tricky. It's challenging to tip the heavy drawers upside down for a good shake. Remove all the stuff for easy cleaning, and roll the lint on the drawer's base. 

6) Lampshades: 

Delicate and expensive lampshades take a lot of work to clean. Especially if you have dust allergies, it's better to be careful while cleaning dusty lamps. Gently press the lint roller over the lampshade's exterior; ensure to take it down before cleaning. 

7) Toys: 

The bed and floor must always be cluttered with stuffed toys if you have a newborn in the house. When you're the toy, the germs on the surface also go into his/her stomach. So instead of giving it an occasional spin, clean the toys regularly with a lint roller. 

8) Glass residues: 

Worried about the broken glass on the floor? Using a broom or wiper only ensures some of the pieces are removed, whereas a lint roller can do this job. Be a little more careful when you are peeling the roller section off. 

9) Phone screen: 

Air bubbles, dust residues, food residues- how annoying it must have been to see such a cluttery phone screen? You can't run it underwater, but you can rub a roller to pick up all the dust particles. 

10) Pillows and cushions: 

Decorative pillows and cushions have delicate fabric and easily attract hair and germ residues. Instead of washing them and ruining the texture, you can pick up the dust particles with a lint roller. 

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